Our family consists of one cat, two pretty much full sized dogs, and a two half dogs (chihuahuas). The mama dog of the family is Belle, an Italian Greyhound which we got in October 2000 from Freda Byard, a wonderful breeder who really loves her doggies. She was named after Catherine Bell, who owns two Italian greyhounds herself, and is featured on one of our favorite TV programs, JAG. She is simply the sweetest and happiest creature we have ever met. In fact Nadine and I both have a lot to learn from this dog, for no matter what is going on, she is just sooooo happy, and she shows it. She is also poetry in motion. When she is walking slowly, she does a high stepping prance, and when she runs, she's awesome. After living with Belle for a few months, we decided that we should also get her sister Venus, so in April of 2001, Nadine flew up to Amarillo Texas and picked her up. Now there is nothing they enjoy more than romping through the house and having fun.

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Walkies! Did I hear the word WALKIES? The only reason I am holding still like this is because my human, Nadine just put a treat in front of me and told me to freeze. I don't know how long I can stand it, but she usually only makes me wait a little while. Don't I just look so snug on this nice down comforter. This is one of my favorite spots when my humans are watching TV in Henry's room. Somehow I always manage to find a way to slip between them, so that I can touch both of them at the same time. The only problem sometimes is my sister, Gatita, who doesn't like me and wishes I would just go away. You can often find me walking with my humans, well, they're walking, I'm running, on the beach, somewhere between the Hotel Playa and Pueblo Bonito. My job there is to make sure that the beach of free of birds. I take this job very seriously, and do whatever it takes to keep those pesky seagulls off of my beach.

June 13, 2012 - A sad day

This is the last photo of Belle, taken on the morning of June 13, 2012, as she way lying on our bed in Chapala, Mexico. We had to let go of her this morning. I know you are not supposed to have favorites, but she was mine (Henry's). She was diagnosed about a year ago with an enlarged heart, which recently turned into congestive heart failure. She spent all of last night struggling to breathe, all the while pacing back and forth on the bed trembling with fear. Anyone who says dogs don't have emotions has never owned a dog. Our Belle would let you know when she was happy and when she was sad, and last night she told us she was afraid. We both believe this will only get worse for her, so today we decided to let her go.

I will always remember her running on the beach and chasing seagulls, sleeping in the crook of my shoulder during siesta time, and acting as mother towards all of our other dogs. She was a gentle spirit, and the world would be a better place if more of us could be like her. Thank you Belle, for being a part of our lives.

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